Be Distracted

Jonathan Gheller Infobits

La primera obligación de todo ser humano es ser feliz, la segunda es hacer feliz a los demás


If it hadn’t been easy, it probably would have been impossible


John Griffith, a mathematician, calculated that the lifetime capacity of the average human memory is up to 10^11 (one hundred trillion) bits, or five hundred times as much information as is contained in the Encyclopedia Britanica

—The history of psychology by Morton Hunt

Never underestimate speculative
waives; smart man may make good use of it

How many people think they are better than the average man, and how many people read this and think the answer is many, but it does not include them

Effort of attention is thus the essential phenomenon of will

—William James (in The story of psycology by Morton Hunt)

We murder to dissect


There is nothing more sad than a man who is slave to his ego

Clarity is what allows you to exercise control or decide to let go

How much easier is self-sacrifice than self-realization

—Eric Hoffer - Reflections on the human condition